Indrek Hargla
two ghost stories
the performance is in Estonian


Agnes Schenk and Kärt Rahel Ollisaar 
Gotthard Michael Schenk and Martinson Riho Rosberg
Gorbowski and Ivo Andres Roosileht
Hans and esimees Andrus Eelmäe

author Indrek Hargla
director Vahur Keller
set and costume design Britt Urbla Keller
composer Liina Sumera
light / video engineer Rene Topolev
choreographer Kristina Paškevicius
make-up artist Evelin Sulg

graphic design Britt Urbla Keller
production management Jane Oksa
sales and marketing Annika Land–Reisser
costume production Jaanika Simmer
Performance duration 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission
Premiere November 17th, 2019 at Kellertheatre.

This production is supported by Eesti Kultuurkapital

“Visitors” combines two stories about ghosts, set in two different times and places; in Germany of the 19th century and in present-day Estonia. The dead, who hold onto strong feelings that never really die, return to the world of the living. This idea of the power of emotion is what unites these two stories. Love and hate will not allow the dead to remain at peace, and thus horrible things begin to happen on stage in KellerTheater – things that have never been seen before in any Estonian theater.

Two short plays “Phosphorus” and “The Witch’s Daughter” written especially for the KellerTheater by the master of thriller storytelling, Indrek Hargla, are brought to stage in the former Gunpowder Warehouse by a well-known Gothic theater group and four charismatic actors – Rahel Ollisaar, Andres Roosileht, Riho Rosberg and Andrus Eelmäe.

photos: fabulous Siim Vahur