Vahur Keller / Meelis Kubo
Alchemist In Love
magical horror comedy
the performance is without spoken language


alchemist Meelis Kubo
silhouettes Sandra Lange / Riho Rosberg
voice of the book Riho Rosberg

author/director/musical designer Vahur Keller
ideas & solutions of the illusions Meelis Kubo
choreographer Sandra Lange
scenographer Britt Urbla Keller
light designer Madis Kirkmann / Noorsooteater
technical solutions Rene Topolev
magician's assistant Anna Liisa Erik
stage manager Iti Niinemets
make-up artist Evelin Sulg
artist Sandra Lange
master of decoration Mihkel Niinemets / Noorsooteater
props masters Kerstin Karu / Sandra Lange

graphic design Britt Urbla Keller
production management Jane Oksa
sales and marketing Annika Land–Reisser

Performance duration 50 minutes
Premiere May 26th, 2019 at Kellertheatre.

This production is supported by Eesti Kultuurkapital.

A young alchemist is madly in love with an opera prima donna. Magic and alchemy are the only things that can help him win the heart of the admired beauty.
Nothing will stand in the way of his love. The situation quickly becomes dangerous for himself and for everyone who comes near him.

This speechless story was born as an inspiring collaboration between director and playwright Vahur Keller and magician Meelis Kubo. This is where theatre, magical realism, and magic illusions meet and intertwine into a thrilling theatre experience.

NB! loud sounds and theatrical smoke is used in this production.