Soile Mäkelä / Sandra Lange / Minka Laukniemi

A silent comedy about loneliness
the performance is without spoken language

joint production by Kellertheatre and Metamorphosis Theater / Finland /

Madame Brigitte Sandra Lange

director Soile Mäkelä
director’s assistant Minka Laukniemi / Turku Academy of Arts
playwrights Soile Mäkelä / Sandra Lange / Minka Laukniemi
set and costume design Sandra Lange
composer Siim Aimla
light engineer Rene Topolev

graphic design Britt Urbla Keller
production management Jane Oksa
sales and marketing Annika Land–Reisser
props and masks production Sandra Lange

Performance duration 1 hour
Premiere May 26th, 2021 at Kellertheatre.

This production is supported by Eesti Kultuurkapital, TelepART programm and Finnish Institute in Estonia.

A grotesque, masked theater production about a lady attempting to escape her loneliness. What happens when the life of your upstairs neighbors becomes your only relationship? What happens when love remains forever sealed in unopened envelopes? What if your dreams become your nightmares? What happens when loneliness becomes a pathological passion? It is a story about one’s courage to take the first step towards intimacy. This is a silent play.

photos: fabulous Siim Vahur